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After every day of grade school, I remember walking home to my grandma's house on Cleveland Street just a few blocks away where I'd kick off my shoes, plop down on the couch, and throw on the TV to fill the room with background noise as I started my homework. Most often, Gilmore Girls would be playing in which the mother of the show, Lorelai, managed a hotel and eventually went on to open her own. It was the countless hours watching this show that planted the seed that grew into a dream of mine to one day open my own bed and breakfast, hosting and providing guests with luxury comfort and relaxation. I learned at an early age what it meant to enjoy the finer things in life including breathtaking views, good food, and being surrounded by even better company to share it with. I've always believed that living in this state, we have a unique advantage to make every day a "staycation," whether it be a warm, expansive beach, a lively downtown area, the balcony of a high-rise, or the park of a secluded suburb. After living in Broward and Palm Beach Counties for my adolescent life, I decided to attend college in Orlando, the mecca of hospitality and attractions. 

Through my studies of Industrial Organizational Psychology and Statistics at the University of Central Florida, I found myself inclined to solve both the complications of the business world at a human level as well as the analytical, systematic processes that drive these issues. In combination, the energizing culture of the real estate market has always been magnetic to me, and I saw no superior route to immerse myself into the field than as a team with my parents, two experts in the industry, who encouraged me to obtain a real estate license at age 18. As a real estate professional, it is my goal to apply my technical knowledge as well as my interpersonal strengths to provide clients with the smoothest experience possible.

Recently graduated with a Bachelor's of Science and living back in South Florida, I'm dedicated to consistently expanding and applying my knowledge in order to serve others seeking guidance in the process of buying or selling a home. My years and seasonal experience in the restaurant business have taught me to be flexible and quick-thinking to unforeseeable challenges while also providing a pleasant experience to others. Additionally, my communication skills combined with my compassion for the general well-being of people, evident in my hours of community service, gives me an innate ability to connect with others. A background in psychology also makes empathizing and solving people's problems inherent to me, which is vital in any sales capacity.

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